Why Choose Us

Hadher Group is a holding company that acts as a conglomerate for a diversified group of companies.Some of the companies have been formed during the formative years of the UAE and have long track records of operations.As a result,the scope and breadth of operations of the group have expanded,where they need to be consolidated to take advantage of scale which can benefit companies in the group that need capital,management expertise and international distribution.

The Chairman of the Group is His Excellency General Hadher Khalaf Mohammed Al Muhairi,who has had over three decades in government service at the highest level of decision making and is the founder of intelligence and security organs and agencies at the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior.He has represented the government in various roles domestically and has been responsible for numerous international multi-lateral initiatives.



The Hadher Group was formed as a holding company to give structure to the underlying 32 companies that are engaged in a diversified businesses in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and OECD Countries



Hadher group has been ISO certified for the following Quality Management System, Environmental and Health & Safety